Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hmm…how to follow that nice spot on V-Day...?

Let’s hit another psuedo-sensitive subject…my guy Barack Obama! I want to preface this ENTIRE thing with: I LOVE BARACK OBAMA, EVERYTHING HE STANDS FOR AND HOW HE GOT WHERE HE IS AND I CAN FULLY APPRECIATE THE MAGNITUDE OF A BLACK PRESIDENT. That being said…

Get off this man’s dick people (Hills excluded, she is comfortable there). I understand that people love the hell out of him, myself included. He is one the most powerful speakers and truly inspirational people I have ever seen. He basically lit a fire under the ass of America and told us it was OK to fight what was going on, because it was wrong. And he made us believe that if we wanted change, WE had to go for it – and we did. Here we are in 2009 with an amazing, awe-inspiring, helluva man as president, who happens to be black. With all hope, our country is on the precipice of TRUE REFORM and he is the man to take us there.

Whoa, OK let me hop of his dick myself and get back to the point…he is not defined by his race. He doesn’t perpetuate the stereotype that an illegal hustle in the streets is the ONLY way to live – he took his ass to school and worked for what he wanted, learned what he needed and used it all to his advantage.  He doesn’t wear FuBu, RocaWear, Vokal or any other rapper’s clothing and I’m willing to bet on top of that he has never donned a rhinestone-studded airbrushed t-shirt. So why oh why are people creating the most coontastic tributes to this man? I can appreciate t-shirts, hats and bumper stickers as much as the next, but why are there tennis shoes, glow-in-the-dark posters, shot glasses and roach clips for this man?! Let’s not forget the Head-Of-State dildo! People, get the hell outta here with this shit! I can comprehend the magnitude of our first black president and fully believe Black people all over the country should revel in this moment, whether you voted for him not – enjoy the history. Don’t hate him because he is half-white, don’t hate him because he is half-black; love him for the great man is and still aspires to be. Don’t dumb down this historic time to trinkets.

 **I will say that this was really hard to write. It was tough to stress exactly HOW I want people to get off him without sounding as if I, myself, don’t love him. 

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  1. THANK YOU!!! I also am very excited for such a historic presidency and am a firm believer in his message of hope and prosperity for all; however, like you said, the paraphernalia that has come about as a result is absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful at best. Such "coontastic" (had to borrow that one) items are not in the least bit representative of our President or his incredible accomplishments. In my opinion (which we're all allowed to have one), not only are these items demeaning to a man that deserves to be held in the highest esteem, but I also feel like they work to just further perpetuate unnecessary racial stereotypes and belittle any progress we have made in this area. America is progressing, and President Obama is a direct example of this. Society has come a long way (although I admit there's still a LONG way to go), and I'm not saying that we should not be proud or celebrate such a feat. What I am saying, however, is that we should display our pride in a respectful and meaningful way which does not work to belittle or hinder the progress towards equality that we have already worked so hard to make. Why work to move backward when we can put those efforts into continuing to move forward? It's just completely nonsensical!