Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So...about Valentine's Day...

Ok people; let’s start this off right…fuck this holiday. No offense to those who are in love and shit and are all about doing something sweet for their significant other but come on! Why do you need a specific day to show your love? What’s wrong with the other 364 days of the year? I just find it ridiculous that if you don’t do something, on this specific day, you somehow love your boyfriend or girlfriend less, well more than likely girlfriend. This day is so much more important to the females guys could probably care less. 

For instance, if you made dinner for your girlfriend on V-Day it’s a sweet gesture, but it was already expected of you. Now if you failed to do anything extra special, you apparently fail as a boyfriend and don’t love ol girl…what the hell?! I fully endorse people doing extra special things in relationships, keeping it fresh and all, but things like that are supposed to be done on anniversaries – that’s what they are there for. It’s like Valentine’s Day is the universal, mandatory anniversary!

Seriously…Valentine’s Day is just a day made by Hallmark to sell cards, flowers and candy. And about that candy…shit I don’t even like chocolate like that…and flowers die!

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that people who are in relationships and what not dig on the day and its all about y’all love but I just think it is HIGHLY overrated and commercialized.

But who could blame you? Since you were in kindergarten people have set aside this day just for making crafts and forcing you to have them for everyone. Ya know – don’t wanna hurt lil kids feelings. God forbid the loser of the class finds out he or she is a loser that way (sorry kids). For real tho, why did the world stop turning that day, no need to learn anything or get things done…just use the whole day to play with glue and glitter??

Now don’t read this as a bitter bitch’s rant against love…it’s not that deep. I also don’t buy into that whole ‘Singles Awareness Day’ stuff either, I just feel that things like this – a retarded, commercialized and superficial holiday – make real relationships harder. It’s not easy to love someone, it’s sometimes harder to make sure you show it and the idea that this day makes or breaks your ‘do you love me’ status sucks.

All this said…go forth and be ghey on that day o’ love! 

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